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you, me, coffee, and a bag of indecision

sitting here drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and reflecting on the past as a whole. i like that it's been so long since i've eaten bon bons that most of my memories of having them are at krista's old house.
it's been lovely living in this house with these two girls. i can't believe it's been a year already and time to move on. it almost seems like i just got here.
tonight seemed like a good time to update some blogs, and here i am. i <3 you guys. hey, remember when i didn't know that <3 was supposed to be a heart and i was all like "why the fuck to people keep typing that? what does it mean?"
i had a similiar moment on thursday when i'd stayed up writing in a strange little story of mine until after 3 in the morning. i woke up at 6:47 and was all like "oh my god, i slept through like almost all of thursday!" then i got this really funny thought that i was positive wasn't accurate: maybe it was a.m. so i called my mom to ask her, and sure enough, i woke my mom up at 6:47 in the morning.
wow. days.
getting lots of packing done in bits and pieces here and there. i'm gonna miss this place. everything from the soup-opera-esque social interactions to the weird messages on the fridge, and the sign i had to tape on the faucet that said "possessed by satan, do not use" when all that brown stuff was coming out of our kitchen sink. i think i'll save that sign . . .
moving along, moving along . . .
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