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i'm not as bad as they might make me out to be

well i seem to be over my latest little bout of euphoria.

i don't know why i keep doing this to myself.

i'll probably never stop.

i guess we all need something to believe is real.

the the real point is that even if it isn't everything i've ever wanted, it's still something. something important. the next new thing to catalogue in my brain.

someday it will all make sense.

the newest love of my life is "the autumn effect" by 10 years. i decided in my car today that i don't want to listen to any other music ever again (similiar to my feellings in january for the miller stain limit's "radiate".


You should be dating a Capricorn. (i added the cancer image because that's what i am.)
22 December - 19 January
Your mate is cautious and realistic, hard working,

and loyal. Though he/she has the tendency to

be egotistical, unforgiving, or anxious,

Capricorns experience an intense feeling of

satisfaction while sharing their bed with the

one they love.

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