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bored and feeling ignored

and firefox keeps crashing on my today. i lost an entry earlier on my other blog . . . blah.

re-heating old coffee.

i feel useless. it might be the weather. i feel like i haven't done anything all day, even though i know i have done stuff. . .

today it snowed here, like spring was an april fools joke. i went for a walk in the slushing and it made my arms all numb and tingly. kinda fun. the wind kept blowing open our front door, and the water in the puddles outside was flowing faster than i've seen some rivers.

i'm having another one of my emo days where i forget it's not supposed to matter to me whether or not people like me or pay attention to what i say. i knew there was a reason i kept this blog. it's for days like this. moments like this that i don't like admitting to, that only a few of you will see. (of course, even less people would see it if i put it on my other blog, cause even though i like that one better hardly anyone else ever looks at that . . . *voices from the background* what's that? is she whining again? is she going to write another one of those entries where she pretends the voices in her head are arguing amongst themselves)
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