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it's about time for a survey again

1. if you could only have 5 cds (and all that newage mp3 crap didn't exist):
Ours - Distorted Lullabies
10 Years - The Autumn Effect
Days of the New (the first one)
The Miller Stain Limit - Radiate
Soundgarden - Down on the Upside

2. quote for the day: "as you kiss the abstract and pray it's everything you'd hoped for" - 10 Years, Half Life

3. describe your sunglasses: the dark, yellow-tinted ones i've been wearing in the house; the ones i bought in marquette for when i want to view the world through lilac-colored glasses

4. what do you hope to be doing at this time of today 2 years from now: in grad school, working on a story in my apartment, writing the second or third draft of something, pulling down sheets of paper from various places on the wall around my desk, keeping writing excerpts in various handy places such as the kitchen, blank notebooks and discs full of writing are everywhere, what looks like chaos is to me organized, there is method to my madness

5. the best animal friend you've ever had: my cat darwin who was smarter than me

6. have you ever been in love? that's irrelevent

7. have you ever been in lust? also irrelevent

8. name three recurring elements in your dreams: things written on paper that i can't read (i cannot visualize written words even in daydreams), a person i used to know, cats (not so much anymore)

9. what are your addictions? caffeine, cigarrettes, the internet, hopefully not alcohol

10. what do you like most about your sign of the zodiac? that i view the world emotionally

11. what do you hate most about your sign? everything else - for instance, the whole crab thing, easily manipulated thing, wishy-washy irrational thing, and all that sensitive bullcrap (which isn't really bullcrap, by the way)

12. what do you like the most about yourself? that i learn more and more as time goes on about living life and not listening to other people's bullcrap

13. what do you dislike most about yourself? that i put things off for far too long, lacking the confidence and will power i need to do what i want and be happy (i'm working on at least trying to figure out some way i might be able to change this, but it's a slow process as i'm known for procrastination and lacking confidence and will power)

14. what's your ideal date: acting drunk without drinking and high without using drugs, with someone else who enjoys these things as much as i do

15. how do you want to live your life? laughing

16. how do you want to die? laughing - when i'm on my deathbed someday and my life is flashing before my eyes, i want all the memories to be funny ones and i want to go out thinking "yeah this was a good life" and laughing hysterically with a huge smile on my face

17. if you had a million dollars how would you spend it? grad school

18. who are your best friends and how long have you known them?
cathy - about 18 years
krista - about 15 years
aimee - about 8 years (i think)
charlie - also about 8 years (i think)

19. if you had a million dollars would you share it with these friends? i'd think about it . . .

20. general annalysis:
- sun sign, element: cancer, water
- chinese zodiac sign, element: dog, water
- myers-briggs leters: ENFP/INFP
- right brained or left brained: middle brained
- 2 favorite animals: maned wolf (fox-on-stilts), mountian lion
- favorite color: road-sign yellow
- favorite number: 8

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